In June 2020 the Greater Bay Area Chapter of the National African American Gun Association was established.  It was an answer to calls from African Americans within the San Francisco Bay for education on issues of safety and training with firearms.

A number of friends decided to establish something in the Greater Bay Area to provide an answer and response to our community’s call for service.  From the conversation with my friends it was decided that we would lead and effort to establish a chapter of National African American Gun Association right here in the Greater Bay Area.  I reached out to the National Chapter Coordinator, Oliver Price, and he immediately started the process.  The first step was for me as the designated lead, the group appointed president, to have a national background check completed prior to the establishment of a chapter.  I was somewhat worried about those overdue library books from college days but I passed.

The mission of the National African American Gun Association is to have every African-American and like-minded individual introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting and outdoor recreational activities.  We are a pro-2nd Amendment organization focused on the preservation of our community through protection and community building.  We welcome of all people who support that goal.

The Greater Bay Area Chapter of NAAGA provides robust education and firearms training to those who seek it.  Our instructors are either retired military and/or retired or active California Peace Officers.  We recognized that for too long African-Americans have been dissuaded by law or otherwise from exercising their rights as outlined in the 2nd Amendment.  As such our local chapter operates from a philosophy of providing the highest caliber of firearms education and training at minimum costs.




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