Member Spotlight – Michael Evans

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From his hunting trips with his father and uncles as a child, to his service in the Marine Corps, Michael Evans has always understood the value of firearms as tools for both sustenance and protection and held a deep appreciation for their power. His military training underscored what his elders had taught him about the paramount importance of firearm safety and built upon the value of having a firm grasp on the proper fundamentals.
Impassioned about wanting to bring his experience and knowledge into training that was friendly and accessible, Michael and his wife Lolita began Polaris Precision Training in 2022. He desires to provide a sound foundation of safe handling and proper fundamentals of marksmanship and counter the mischaracterization of firearms and the abundance of misinformation that is circulating. Michael hopes his students will be able to implement these fundamentals to reach their goals, of competition, self-defense, or hunting, and experience the joy of marksmanship.
He is a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and holds NRA certifications to provide Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Concealed Carry Weapon instruction. Polaris Precision Training offers private lessons in handgun marksmanship as well as contracted training for groups. Michael is also California DOJ certified and provides Firearms Safety Certificate Training and issuance of the Firearms Safety Certificate, legally required to purchase a firearm.
We are so fortunate to have Michael and Lolita as active members of The Greater Bay Area Chapter and that Michael continues to share his expertise with us as a skilled instructor! To learn more about Polaris Precision Training, call or text Michael at (510)915-5202.
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